Thursday, 12 June 2014

Galeb and the Seagull - "The Letter"

One fine day Galeb (Goran Erjavec) decided that his goal in life was not mastering the art of classical guitar; on that very day he set aside his ten-years-long classical bildung and chose the lure of rock and roll, the rusticity of blues, the euphoria of funky.
Good friends and fair musicians accompanied him in his first steps, contributing to the realisation of his a first, genuinely felt EP.

This was but the beginning of a long (and ever longer) series of journeys.

His city had become too narrow for his creative flights, Galeb needed "an open space". Next stop: New Zealand! Six fruitful months, that brought him back with a lot of new ideas and the determination to dedicate himself to music.

From that moment on, the northern hemisphere of his art would be the faithful voice of his "room-neighbour" and life companion: Galeb's younger sister, the Seagull (Gaia Erjavec).
Galeb and the Seagull make a powerful duo, performing captivating “100% organic beach-music”... and warming up for the next departure together. A year in Australia full of adventures and meaningful experiences, that would see the fearless Galebs coming back home with new energy and creativity.

Even though separated for some time, following diverging paths, brother and sister would shortly meet again at home, Trieste, just in time to record "Sweet and Sour, Please!", their ticket for the next destination: the crazy streets of Berlin. 
And the right place for street musicians.

Here Galeb has the chance to share his experiences, emotions and passions directly with the people and get the best of the city's vibrations to cultivate with care the seeds of what will become "Picking Flowers". A sincere solo album, the result of the first six months busking in Berlin, with the Seagull and alone...

… and the flowers are continuing to bloom! Soon, very soon, Galeb will share with us the impressions of the last months of experiences, meetings, travelling, and hard work!

Here's “The Letter”, a taste of “The Sailor, The Bird ans the Butterfly”, the new album.

Enjoy and share the music!

Where to next?

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