Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Threatening Object

Its features make it resemble a Praying Mantis...

In the last few days, I have been feeling somehow uncomfortable when sitting at the computer for work. I feel observed and I cannot keep on typing like nothing is happening... It must be something nearby (but hidden!!) which is spreading anxiety... I just cannot play indifferent!

In its natural habitat, close to the usual companions:
sheets of paper and a ballpoint pen.

I get more and more distracted, but I continue my work. I just slow down a little bit, in a way to make it look like a short natural and disinterested brake on my rhythm... but I am actually monitoring the premises...and with the corner of my eye I try to see what lies next to me.... 

I got it! 
Free to roam on the white surface of the desk.

Close by, I eventually notice a small object: a staple remover!!! It has been left between a ream and a ballpoint pen for days and days.... In its inched-sized oblivion, it preserves its stillness even though its four teeth -looking more like fangs or claws- are somewhat intimidating.... :)

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