Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Apple and the Priest

The priest

When one thinks of himself as an open-minded person, disappointment is always around the corner. In my case, the sight of a priest working very placidly on his Apple Notebook was something I could not expect.

An apple...

Far from my intentions making of this post the place where to excuse my narrow views on current times... but how to forget the fashion-side of this brand, a real “griffe” to show off in public occasions. And what a brand: an edenic apple already bitten by 
..and bum made of marble
Eva and maybe by Adam too!

It’s from this moment that men can see nudity,    O priest!


  1. Maybe it's more important the meaning we give to one symbol than the same symbol! (Today I have translated my lost post in English, too)

    1. ..Veeeery very good!
      It can be fun like sailing on different seas ;)